Sartitalia, founded in 1957 by Amos Gasparini, is born to supply the necessities of the ironing experts.
Since the beginning Sartitalia has combined brilliant intuitions with effective solutions. Every tailor surely knows and uses Sartitalia's inventions, like the cushion adjustable in height for shoulder and pelvis and the mat with stainless-steel needles useful to iron the velvet.

During the years the entrance of young collaborators and the following transformation of the style of the firm in 1992 were fundamental for the growth of the firm itself.

Nowadays the severe projecting, the accurate choice of materials, up-to-date assembling techniques and scrupulous controls guarantee high quality standard products. All this, combined with the experience grown during the decades and a modern, flexible structure of the firm, permits the customers to choose from a wide range of professional ironing machines, which stand out for an extremely competitive price.

Reliability, efficiency and availability are the basis of Sartitalia's relationship with its partners. This is the way that Sartitalia wants to pursue to face up to the challenges of the future.